Partners in Faith

Partners in Faith is the only publication designed especially to give Catholic parents the practical help and support they need to raise faithful Catholic children.

Every issue of Partners in Faith is filled with actionable ideas parents will use to build a Christ-centered family life, to increase in knowledge of the Catholic faith and grow in devotion to the sacraments . . . all in friendly, everyday language that’s easy to read and absorb in just a few minutes.

Highlights from the October Issue:
  • Children learn about God’s love from their parents. They experience it most clearly when we parent lovingly. Readers learn 10 solid ways to share God’s great love with youngsters.
  • October is a month during which we celebrate the great devotion of the Rosary. Both our main article on page two and our ParentTalk feature offer parents practical ways to encourage a love for this powerful prayer.
  • Sometimes difficulties of being Christian can blind us to the joys of following Jesus. Scripture Lesson uses the Gospel reading to explain how to help
  • children approach Jesus with excitement and confidence.

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